“Bear” was one of the first dogs to arrive on the scene and went straight to work. Here he takes a much deserved break and gets a drink of fresh water. (Photo from Reuters / Pool / Kaiser) (Sept. 13, 2001)

Many wonderful dogs assisted in the rescue effort following the destruction the world witnessed on 9/11/01. With respect, honor, and admiration for each

Another tired worker.  (FEMA / Booher)(Sept. 23, 2001)
Another tired worker. (FEMA / Booher)(Sept. 23, 2001)

and all of those dogs (of whatever breed), here are a few photos showing some of the Goldens who were on the site, who suffered cuts, burns, and all sorts of sensory assault, but who nevertheless continued for days to pitch in to assist their humans.

This is all part of the true Golden Retriever and illustrates one of the many reasons good, responsible ethical breeders work so hard to ensure not just the ongoing health and vitality of the breed, but also the loving and stable temperament of these dogs.

A rescue Golden being transported into the debris of the World Trade Center. (U.S. Navy / Preston Keres)(Sept. 1, 2001)
Woody is getting ready for another trip to the site. (FEMA News / Rieger)(Sept. 18, 2001)
A well earned snooze. (U.S. Navy / Keres)(Sept. 15, 2001)